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We got your 6

​Community Events involving local businesses and creating a network of support. Goal is to have our active network to reach out to those they have served with and involve them with activities that are happening in their local area. WE would like The majority of these costs to fall on the businesses involved. THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT will take the proactive marketing and branding of the event.

Patriot Day

The 13th of each month is a community and business give back day, where sponsoring businesses create a package program to involve PATRIOTS and create events to accommodate a social network experience and opportunity so that our patriots can make new connections while in a social and fun atmosphere.

Heroes Vigil

For us the 22nd of each month are dedicated to memory and healing… but it is about remembering that WE are all still here  “WE HEAL TOGETHER”. The theme is “LIVE TO REMEMBER” Without the people who have been through

Want to host an event with our organization to help our veterans? Contact us today to find out how.