Fortification Harbor


Our current goal is to have an “8 STAR” Resort (8 stars representing the 5 military branches and the 3 civil service groups of fire, police and emergency medical) established, retrofitted for handicap accessibility and opened to be our flagship facility in Minnesota to help accommodate the rehabilitative needs of our SERVICE MEMBERS, SUPPORTING PATRIOTS and PATRIOT PARTNERS.

Our goals will be to have properties and services to help with rehabilitative needs of those with

  • physical needs due to handicaps and/or disabilities caused by injuries received during deployment and/or their service.
  • youth and children of families that have lost a service member, have a disabled service member, a deployed service member and/or are deemed a family in need.
  • who are considered homeless or in need of affordable housing.
  • who are in mental distress or crises.
  • who are in need of income and employment.

At this time WE are looking at and considering 7 different properties in the state of Minnesota. Each property was selected for the specific purpose of the function and service it will provide,

WE are also looking at a several properties in the state or Wyoming to accommodate the therapeutic needs of our service members.

In the facilities and properties of THE PEOPLE’S PATRIOT PROJECT, WE will offer physical and social emotional support and rehabilitation to individuals, families, spouses, dependents and groups, who have committed their lives in protecting the life, property and honor as a PATRIOT.